Information About Huawei Honor 7

May. 16 , 2019

Huawei Honor 7 LCD Screen basically continued the general design of the previous glory mobile phone, but the fuselage uses a more acceptable metal material, 159 grams of body weight can be considered a combination of metal and hand is relatively good.

Glory 7 also joined the fingerprint recognition module for the first time. Like Huawei Mate 7, the fingerprint module of Glory 7 is placed below the camera on the back of the phone. Unlike the former, Glory 7 upgrades the function of the fingerprint recognition module, except for encryption. In addition to mobile phones and mobile payments, the new sensor supports the touchback and long press to implement the HOME button function, as well as the status bar such as sliding the touchpad, double-clicking to clear the notification, especially long press the fingerprint recognition module to take a selfie and connect Phone, turn off the alarm and more. Deep integration of Internet resources and services has enabled consumers to achieve a breakthrough experience in mobile Internet life for the first time.

Glory 7 has designed the “Smart” button on the left side of the mobile phone, which deeply integrates Internet resources and services, and realizes the breakthrough experience of consumers in mobile Internet life. If you press the Zhiling button for a long time, you can enter the voice control, realize WeChat, Weibo, call the car, dial the phone, send messages, etc., and open a new life of entertainment, travel, shopping, maps, etc. with one click.

Huawei Honor 7 LCD Screen

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