Huawei Gives a Comprehensive Screen Definition

Mar. 15 , 2019

Huawei's glory officially released the first glory of Huawei, Huawei's second full Huawei Honor 7X LCD Screen mobile phone "Glory 7X", and invited Olympic champion Sun Yang to endorse.

The Glory 7X is equipped with a 5.93-inch 18:9 full-screen with a resolution of 1080p. The grip is only equivalent to a 5.5-inch phone. It is mainly due to the slimmer body. The 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus is 2.7 mm narrow and short. It is 2.8 mm.

Huawei Honor 7X LCD Screen White adopts integrated round metal body design, without middle frame and one-piece molding. The front 2.5D glass provides three colors of platinum light gold, aurora blue and magic night black. It is said that after one year and three months of design modification, hundreds of Blind test, 28 hand board proofing.

Glory spent a lot of space to promote the immersive effect of this full screen, including video auto-adapted full screen, video enhancement (smart recognition scene / optimized shadow details), 1500 APP compatibility test, TOP200 game compatibility test, defense Mistakes to optimize 27 gestures and 66 application scenes, etc., also supports professional eye protection, sun screen / luminous screen, one-button split screen and glory 7X is the official technical partner of "crossing the fire line", is its first adaptation The full screen phone also offers exclusive custom machine guns.

In terms of sound effects, the Histen sound algorithm of Huawei 2012 Lab was introduced to support dialogue enhancement, 3D surround, detail restoration, and whispering in noisy environments.

Huawei Honor 7X LCD Screen

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