About Huawei Honor 9

Jan. 24 , 2019

At the moment when the homogenization of smartphone design is serious, the comprehensive screen is a good trend. While increasing the value of the face, it also gives the user the advantage of a high screen ratio. The screen size can be larger under the same volume.

For the second half of the year, many Huawei Honor 9 LCD Screen White manufacturers are planning their own comprehensive screen new machines, and Huawei is an active member. Before Mate 10 is released, it should be the glory Note 9 of its own Internet brand.

After the exposure of the previous real machine spy photos, the outline image of the new flagship Note 9 of Glory has been circulated again on the Internet. It seems to be consistent with the previous shape. The upper and lower forehead of the fuselage are greatly reduced, and the fingerprint recognition is placed. The back of the fuselage (the back is made of metal and has a horizontal double camera).

In addition, look at the screen of Huawei Honor 9 LCD Screen Black is relatively large, although the curvature of the curved screen is relatively low, but the large screen still brings a strong visual effect, and it is said that the screen size is 6.6 inches, the resolution is 2K level.

Huawei Honor 9 LCD Screen White

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