The Role Of The Screen Oleophobic Layer

Apr. 12 , 2019

Don't look at our Huawei P10 LCD Screen White look the same, but in fact it is really different. In addition to the material of the screen, this oleophobic layer is also very knowledgeable. I don't know if you used a cheaper thousand yuan machine or some cottage machines. Have you ever felt this way?

Is the finger feel different from the flagship phone when it is sliding on the screen? There is a raw, rough feeling, and there is a small resistance to the rapid sliding up and down? That's right, this is why there is no oleophobic layer. Of course, it is not a problem with touch proofreading.

In addition to this, the biggest role of the oleophobic layer on the screen of the mobile phone is to prevent fingerprints, and it is not easy to stick to the ash. What is more frightening is that there is no oleophobic layer. The fingerprint on your screen is almost unclean, and it looks ugly from the side!

So how do you see if your Huawei P10 LCD Screen has an oleophobic layer? In fact, it is very simple. Put a drop of water on the screen. If you can gather water droplets on the lotus leaf instead of being scattered, then there is an oleophobic layer.

However, the oleophobic layer is not a long-term existence. As the mobile phone is used, it will wear out. After wear, there will be no more, but there is no need to worry about it. The solution is also very simple. It is enough to stick a film.

Huawei P10 LCD Screen White

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