Huawei P10 Mobile Phone How Simple And Fast Split Screen

Mar. 29 , 2019

The huawei P10 is also a popular mobile phone, and the split screen of Huawei P10 LCD Screen White introduced here may be applicable to other mobile phones. We say split screen, why should we use split screen, because sometimes we need to send the phone number they need to a friend with a mobile phone, but we do not remember, so we can only use split screen, respectively open the address book and QQ, according to the number on the address book sent to a friend. There's a lot of things like that, and that's where the split screen comes in

First we see the first method, we first open the huawei P10 Settings: pull the notification bar first, and then click in the top right corner of the non-circular gear icon, and then set into the main interface, set in the main interface dipped after can see word of "intelligence" stop, and stop, and then click open intelligent auxiliary, into the intelligent auxiliary operation interface, click the "gesture", enter the gesture interface.

After entering the gesture interface, click the "screen splitting gesture" at the bottom, and then enter the screen splitting gesture check interface of Huawei P10 LCD Screen Black. Click the pink circle to check, and the gesture can be used for screen splitting

However, I'd like to highlight the second method here (which I'll start with). Because the first method, sometimes their own use of gestures to split the screen, the effect is not ideal, that is to say, when the gestures split the screen, not out of the screen. Now let's talk about how to divide the screen of huawei P10 simply, effectively and simply:

First of all, let's open up a little bit of the background, such as QQ and WeChat and then run in the background. Then we enter the recent task interface, which is the background operation interface, by sliding the navigation key left and right. In the recent task interface, QQ and WeChat on the right side of a similar to the "two" icon, the pink circle, click on one of them can be immediately split screen.

Huawei P10 LCD Screen White

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