Is Phone Or Person On The Other Side Of Screen Such Fascinating?

Jan. 22 , 2019

What is in the Huawei Y5II LCD Screen that fascinates you? This question, found the answer in Huawei's advertising!

With this advertisement from Huawei, look for your own shadow and see if you are so addicted to the phone because of this.

The story begins in the classroom. After the female owner bows her head to play the mobile phone and is named by the teacher, she leaves the classroom. Looking at the phone across the road with no worries, can not help but squeeze the sweat for the woman...

On the bus, the female owner still looks at the Huawei Y5II LCD Screen White phone, and the children in the front row also imitate the action of the female owner watching the mobile phone. When I took a shower, I didn't forget to look at the mobile phone, so that the parents of the female owner found a doctor who wanted to treat her. The female lord of the whole process of high cold is finally smiling at this time. On the screen there are people who miss the female host. Every application, behind every screen, has a beautiful story hidden.

They are fascinated by each other, what about you?

Huawei Y5II LCD Screen

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