Four Major Features Of Huawei Mate 7 LCD Screen Gold

It is a low-power product that can be completely non-heated (mainly power and heat are present in the backlight tube or LED), while CRT monitors inevitably generate high temperatures due to imaging technology.

Nov. 10, 2018
Is The Display Brightness Determined By The Backlight?

After the backlight emits light, the light is controlled by the voltage of the front liquid crystal panel, and the liquid crystal molecules pass the light or are shielded to show the brightness of the picture.

Nov. 02, 2018
How To Extend The Life Of iPhone 7 LCD?

Try to avoid displaying the same picture for a long time. Working for a long time is prone to internal aging or burnout. Especially bad is that displaying the same picture for a long time may cause some pixels to overheat and cause inter...

Oct. 27, 2018
iPhone LCD Maintenance Pay Attention To Four Points

First, do not use the touch iPhone LCD for a long time in a high temperature environment

Oct. 24, 2018
Development Of Huawei LCD Screen

At present, Huawei has cooperated with LCD panel suppliers and touch panel vendors.

Oct. 19, 2018
How To Choose Motorola LCD?

Purchase Motorola Moto G3 LCD, there are several basic pointers: High brightness: the higher the brightness value, the picture is naturally brighter, will not fog.

Oct. 13, 2018
Main Feature Of Sony Xperia Z3 LCD Screen White

Sony Xperia Z3 LCD Screen White​ is an organic compound composed of long rod-shaped molecules. In the natural state, the long axes of these rod-shaped molecules are substantially parallel.

Oct. 11, 2018
Basic Principle Of Touch Screen

In the early mobile phone touch screen technology, the Motorola Moto G3 LCD uses the traditional "analog four-wire resistive touch screen" technology, which consists of two layers of glass and plastic coated with transparent conduc...

Sep. 30, 2018
How To Protect Your Phone Screen?

one point that needs to be corrected here is that the main purpose of the tempered film is to prevent scratches, and secondly to prevent the Sony Xperia Z L36H LCD Screen from being broken,

Sep. 28, 2018
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